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The Once and Future King (Amazing Engine System Universe Book) [Jack Barker ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Once and Future.
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Our galaxy has existed in this state for quite some time. Instead, our growth over the eons is driven primarily by cannibalizing or eating other galaxies. After that, the next items on the menu could very well be the large and small Magellanic clouds which are irregular dwarf galaxies around , light years away. All of this is a just a warm-up though. Barreling towards us at km per second is the beautiful Andromeda galaxy. Still, at 2.

Lambda Literary

At that point my friends, the Milky Way will essentially be no more. Still, in our hubris, astronomers think we should give this new galaxy a hybrid name like MilkoMeda.

This is understandable though since a hefty chunk of Milkomeda will still be erstwhile Milky Way stars. The merging is far from over though. Milkomeda will still be gravitationally bound to our local group of galaxies which contains 30 galaxies.

In billion years these galaxies will start seriously merging all together. This will take a mind-bending trillion years to finish. Eventually all of them will merge into one monster galaxy that no one has given a name to yet as far as I can tell. Soon after the LMG forms an important milestone will have been reached.

Physicists Debate Hawking’s Idea That the Universe Had No Beginning

Mergers are good not only for acquiring new stars but creating them as well since much of the gas between the stars will have crashed together causing rapid star formation. That means that very little gas will be left after LMG forms. Since no other galaxies will be left to merge with, the beginning of the end will have truly arrived for the galaxy formerly known as the Milky Way.

It will take about trillion years give or take a week or so for all the stars in the LMG to flicker out.

New controversial theory: Past, present, future exist simultaneously

Once this happens, the LMG will be just a shell of its former glory. Since this is all degenerate matter, this is known as the Degenerate Era. The next milestone occurs quintillion years in the future and its a doozy.

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  • At around this time, orbital decay will cause the remains of the earth to collide into the dwarf remnant of the sun. In 10 to the 40th power years 10 duodecillion , protons and neutrons themselves will likely have decayed in a puff of physics and existential boredom.

    Garden of Cosmic Delights

    When this happens, the only thing left of the Local Monster Galaxy is a supermassive black hole containing perhaps million solar masses. He-Man thinks the boy looks like David, a childhood friend of his. Adam takes David before the Royal Family, and Teela immediately recognizes him as her playmate from when they were eight years old. Adam learns that the only hope of restoring David is to find the Ring of Remembrance. Count Marzo is spying on the events from his castle, just as Adam and Teela head out to get the ring.

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    Marzo captures David, and Orko quickly follows. Orko manages to reach his friends and warn them, but not before his memory is wiped. He-Man manages to get the ring and Orko regains his memory. He-Man and the others manage to confront Marzo who accidentally falls into the Well of Forgetfulness and loses his memory. At the Royal Palace David is returned to his adult self. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Series Info. Cast and Crew.