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An open letter to my beloved church

Keep this quote in mind this quote. The Lord Almighty so orders it. Also keep in mind that it is never to late to come back and any ward would welcome you back like family. If you showed up in my ward me and my ward would. If your a person who does not fully understand what your talking about or you do not know where to find the truth and you keep on running into hateful ex Mormon sites. Try Mormon. Jonathan, I suspect you will one day better understand your religion.

Many of your comments hold errors. For starters Joseph Smith, in his own words, says he was 16 years old when this supposed visitation occurred. Mormons were breaking the law, not honoring their agreement with the state and harboring fugitives. That is why they were expelled from Missouri. The Mormon church has put lipstick on a pig with their sanitized and rewritten history. Just know. Some are good and true. Some, however, are evil and filled with lies.

There are quite a few people who think that to get both sides of the story they should go to Exmormon sites. Heck even some of the things are hidden in lies. The Mountain Meadow Massacre. Everyone knows about this. One it was not organized by the top leadership and two not everyone was killed or so to say brutally murdered.

It was actually caused by this said group passing through one of the Mormon towns in Utah. They were so pissed with the mormons that they said when they made it to California they would bring back an army to make them trade and stuff like that. They spared them and eventually returned them to their families. This is just one of many examples I can choose from. And even though this is actually the true account of what happened I bet there will still be people who see this and will disagree with me. But if you are a religious person who writes the evil lies on this and other articles I only have one thing to say for you.

For every time you do you get that much closer to sring Satan rather then Jesus. As Ken Dahl noted in his comments, traditionally, Mormons excluded Black people because they were considered descendants of Ham and cursed with dark skin. In more recent times, Mormons, perhaps to increase their membership, began reaching out and recruiting Black people.

With song and remorse, an unlikely Amish group comes to Israel

Most African Americans remain uncomfortable with this history. I thought the article was very good and a significant contribution even though this concern was omitted. Going to exmormon. Is this depiction fair? I gave some accurate info but that a lot of misleading info as well.

The mix in false ino with some truth and those without knowledge of true LDS doctrine and practice are deceived. They lie in wait to deceive Eph.

What Do the Amish Believe?

I like your post Ken. I see where everyone is coming from who has replied to your post. So now I am going to give my opinion. I do not vote for a politician based on their religion preference, I vote for what they stand for in helping this country. I do not like Obama, never have and never will.

I think this man has led America in to the depths of hell and if he is re-elected will just continue that journey.

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I feel he is the better candidate for presidency. We have had Christian presidents in our history and I am pretty sure not every American voting for them were thrilled about that, but they probably voted for that person because of the stand that person took for America; and that is what is important.

What is Kobo Super Points?

I wish people would quit focusing on a candidates religion and the negative media the opposite candidate puts out there on them. I want to know what a candidate is going to do to help this country, especially now.

Instructional Objectives

Read and Learn what The Mormon religion is all about! Before you all making any remarks about it…. Thank you for this remarkably perceptive analysis. The basis for prejudice against Mormons is ignorance. Most people regard the Mormons as a blank slate on which they project their favorite fears about religious minorities. Liberals think that any dedicated religioys believers are mindless robots.

Conservative Evangelicals think Mormons are faux Christians conducting a vast conspiracy to drag real Christians to hell. Neither group gives Mormons credit for individual intelligence or moral reflection, and assume Mormon animosity toward themselves. The fact that Mormons are a bit betterneducated than average, that they are overrepresented in academia, that Mormons with more education tend to be even more loyal to their religion, that Mormons have a more positive view toward people of other faiths—that is, are less religioysly prejudiced—than any other denomination, are simple facts of which their critics are totally ignorant.

The criticsnat both extremes of the religioys spectrum only know one or two things about Mormons, and then extrapolate an entire bogeyman out of that. The most severe anti-Mormons at both ends are willing to invest vast amounts of time and rhetoric attacking Mormonism, but very little actually learning how Mormons themselves think. Their shared rationale is, this one thing I know about Mormons is so hateful to me, I do not want to waste any of my time gaining a sympathetic understanding of them.

And the bottom line at both extremes is the determination to obliterate Mormons and their beliefs from society, to deny them the opportunity to participate in discussions about religion or public polucy in any forum controlled by the critics, and thus create a vicioys circle of prejudice reinforcing ignorance, which feeds prejudice. I know very little about Mormonism but if people are discussing their beliefs and practices and how they have or have not evolved over time we would be remiss not to mention one of their recent practices that has lately emerged, namely that the Mormons have been obtaining lists of deceased Jews and posthumously baptising them.

Specifically, the practice has been discouraged, condemned, and can even lead to negative consequences for the members involved. Church officials also said the church would remove the names of Holocaust victims placed on the lists before Michel evidence that the Mormon lists still included the names of at least 20, Jews, many of them Holocaust victims and prominent figures like the philosopher Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel.

Radkey also provided Mr. Michel with evidence that many of these Jews had been baptized after the agreement.

But Mormon officials say they remain in full compliance with the agreement. Ken, this is the first thing I thought of after reading this article. Regardless of the official policy, it seems to have still gone on after the agreement.

Seems like Ken did check his facts Carl. In terms of history and religion, 17 years ago would still be recent. Are we supposed to discount an event just because it happened 15, 20, or 50 years ago? It still reflects on the organization. Todd Christofferson, a church official involved with the negotiations. The church removed the names of Holocaust victims listed before and continues to instruct its members to avoid baptizing Jews who are not directly related to living Mormons or whose immediate family has not given written consent, Mr.

Christofferson said. And the official response to Mr.